Thursday, September 09, 2010

70th Birthday Celebration

For my dad's 70th birthday he wanted to go camping. We went to the Castle Rock Campground for a few days which is where he used to go all the time when he was scout master. Like usual, it was a tons of fun to hang out with everyone (my dad, stepmom kathy and 2 of my siblings and their families went). Admittedly camping (and naps) with a 2 month old and 2 year old was a little difficult as you can imagine. We are sorry to all those who had to listen to an overtired 2 year old whine!

Notice how the cupcakes make the number 70.

Jacob spent much of his time sleeping in a sling. Notice the rock design my brother is putting near the entrance of his tent. He is one funny guy.

What cute little feet!

James and Jacob

Joshua was so tired that he walked over to James, put his head on James' leg and fell asleep. This has never happened before. Our little boy is not one to give in to sleep! Of course, he had to hold onto his chips when he fell asleep.

Joshua got really cranky and we thought a little time to himself would help. We had him play in his playpen/bed with some toys for a little bit and before we knew it, he was smiling and happy again. What a nice view he had!

Bill made a huge fire.

Alex had fun playing with Joshua in all the caves nearby

You can see why they call it Castle Rock.

Our campsite.


Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the piggy wiggly picture of Jacob's toes. And the one where Joshua crashed on James' chest is funny. That reminds me of when Brian did that on Jesse after his graduation. Brian very rarely ever falls asleep on our chests!

JoLuba said...

Oh it is too bad we don't live there. I'm glad you guys had fun!