Thursday, September 30, 2010


Joshua finally said his first prayer the other day. It went something like this... "Heavenly Father, thank you for cars, trains, thank you for Sesame Street, Word World and then some other stuff I couldn't understand.  You can tell what he considers important in his life!

We have been doing reading time each day. Joshua gets to choose some books then sits on a chair for 10-20 minutes and "reads". He has lots of fun.

Joshua's new favorite sleeping position. He is lying across his pillow.

Joshua continues to be obsessed with cars.

Joshua got a duck and frog towel. He is obsessed with them. He loves getting out of the bath because he gets to put one of them on and act like that animal. His imagination has really gone wild lately. It is so fun to watch him pretend. He constantly talks about dinosaurs, garbage trucks, bugs in his mouth (aka germs) and an imaginary cat outside he is going to chase.

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JoLuba said...

How cute is my little nephew! Funny prayer at least he said it all on his own. Noah loves his cars too and sleeps in funny positions.
Jacob is 3 months already...crazy!
I can't wait until christmas to go to Utah!