Tuesday, January 04, 2011

First Day of Primary

Joshua had his first day of primary on Sunday. He made the cut off by a few days making him the youngest (and surely wildest) member of the primary. I can hardily believe he is old enough to be in primary. Time sure passes quickly.

He loved primary and although he was a little overexcited and vocal, his teacher said that he did pretty good for his first day of primary/sunbeams. Whew! James and I were a bit nervous for him. He is a super sweet kid, but he doesn't exactly like to sit still. And he certainly doesn't like to be quiet. He's as active as they come.


Eliza said...

He looks so sweet in that picture. I can't imagine him running around. :) That's a big step he just made going into primary-how are you feeling about it? He's growing so fast!

Rachel said...

Isn't Nursery considered part of Primary? I'm countin' down the weeks till Brian can go to Nursery!

Rachel Stella said...

It is fun but sad to watch him grow. Even though I have another 6 month old, I find myself wishing Joshua was 6 months old again bc I miss it with him.

When kids go to nursery it is a great time! And I know the primary presidency is over nursery, but I wouldn't consider it part of primary. But whatever.

Megan said...

liam started primary as well! can't believe how big they get so quickly. your boys are too too adorable. hope you are well!

Plowmanators said...

It was Kaitlyn's first week, too! That is awesome that he went with no problems. Kaitlyn didn't have problems, but Brayden did.

Oh, and Kaitlyn is one of those kids who tells all. Oh boy.