Saturday, January 22, 2011

San Diego Trip

We went to San Diego for a week in November. The idea was to go when it was winter in Utah so that it wouldn't be very hot in San Diego. Somehow the weather ended up being in the upper 90's there! Not the best weather to be outside all day in if you are a little 5 month old or someone, like myself, who hates the heat! UGH! And here come a load of pictures...

We decided to splurge and go to a resort that had a room that walked out onto the beach.

The boys had lots of fun playing together in the room. They become bigger fans of each other every day!

I tried to teach Joshua how to build a sandcastle.

But he was more interested in throwing sand in the water and making a mess with it on the cushions.

He spent most of his time driving his cars around on a little wall they had by the beach. His obsession with cars never ends!

Our footprints in the sand. I wonder which ones belong to me.

James and Joshua went out into the bay on a boat. I tried to take Jacob out too but he screamed like a mad man when I put the life jacket on him. I ended up sitting on the beach with him instead.

We spent a day at Sea World. Jacob had lots of fun.

They had a Sesame Street area for kids to play in that had tons of different stuff in it. We could have spent the whole day there. Joshua was finally big enough to go on some sort of ride. I'm not sure if fright or enjoyment was the dominant emotion while on these rides.

Joshua got to meet Abby and Elmo. Although he loves the show, they were pretty frightening to him and it took him a couple minutes to warm up enough to go over and hold Elmos' hand for a picture.

Shamu remains a topic of excitement at our house today, especially during bath time.

We also went to the San Diego Zoo.

We show Joshua an awesome Elephant and all he wants to do is drive a car on it :)

They had an awesome petting zoo for children. Joshua fell in love with this goat and followed it everywhere.

Look at those flushed cheeks. It was so hot!! BTW, Joshua has a little monkey backpack on that has a tail that you can hold onto. Most of the time we let him walk around by himself but when he didn't stay near us or if it was really busy we held onto the tail. It worked great and Joshua loved it.

The kids got pretty worn out. Wish I could fall asleep whenever and where ever I wanted to. Kids don't know how lucky they are!

Joshua is asleep in the stroller here. I love how he has his legs folded while sleeping. He has always been a leg folder. And I love this new stroller we got a little before Jacob was born.

You can put one or two seats on it at a time and the seats change directions. It also carries a car seat or a bassinet and it's much smaller and maneuverable than most other double strollers. See, I told you. It's awesome.

Here's a picture of it as a single. I know it's a bad pictures but it's what I could find. That hump on my back is a sleeping baby :)


Rachel said...

That looks like an awesome trip! I'm jealous! It's been in the teens here! Brrrr!

What great pix you put on there of the kids! Baby Jacob is a doll! I love his eyes! And Joshua seems a lot like Brian in his obsession with cars! One of Brian's first words was "guk guk guk!" (truck) and he often says "vroom vroom!" to me when he wakes up in the morning and I go to get him.

Good times. :)

Rachel said...

Ha ha, I just saw that almost every sentence I wrote on that last comment ended with an exclamation point. Silly me. =P

Rachel Stella said...

I do the same thing all the time!

Ruth Rodrigues said...

You girls are silly!
I loved the monkey backpack and the pic of Shamu. Joshua would mention it everytime he had a bath now :) So cute.