Monday, January 17, 2011

Wow, I'm a little behind...HALLOWEEN FUN

This halloween we had my family over for pumpkin carving and had a lot of fun. We somehow made it through all the pumpkins without breaking a single carving knife.

Joshua, Jacob and I also went to the pumpkin patch in Santaquin with some family and friends.

They had a fun wagon that you got to ride on out to the pumpkin patch. Joshua loved it. Jacob (4 months) decided that it was a good time to take a nap.

They had lots of fun things for kids to do there including a life size maze. Joshua ran from one end of the huge pumpkin field to the other a couple times. It was fenced so I didn't have to have him stay near me and he was in heaven.

Look at those eyelashes. Obviously from James' side of the family.

Joshua found a small pumpkin early on and didn't put it down until we got back to the car. It had a chunk taken out of it but he seemed to think it was perfect. He was so proud of the pumpkin and talked about it constantly for days.

Here we all are on the way back from the pumpkin patch. The kids were all very excited to have their pumpkins although some of them chose ones that were a little too big for them to comfortable carry. But hey, if I was a kid I'd do the same thing!

And of course we went trick or treating. Or at least Joshua and James did. Joshua was so excited to go trick or treating it was hard to get him to stand still for one second while I took a photo. Then again, maybe he was just trying to get out of the pouring rain...  Holidays are so much more fun now that Joshua is old enough to understand what is going on. Watching him get excited about things makes my day!

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