Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Joshua and Jacob

Joshua and Jacob adore each other. Jacob already tries to imitate Joshua (he's picked up that cars and trains are the best toys) and smiles and giggles any time he hears or sees him. Joshua continues to smother (and I mean smother) Jacob with hugs every time he sees him.

 What more could a parent want?

Here are way too many pictures of them together. I couldn't help myself.

Joshua starts off gentle and sweet...
But often ends up overdoing things.

The kids love being read to.

Such great playmates.

Joshua loves to snuggle up close to Jacob (which, sadly, often results in tears after their heads collide)

Joshua has such pride in his eyes when he interacts with Jacob. Jacob isn't always so sure about what is going on.

A new favorite hobby.

It starts out nice...
And ends with a head in the face like usual.

Some impromptu snap shots Sharon took...

A great, big, huge hug!

Best buddies

I love Jacob's expression here. Trying to get him to look at the camera and not at mommy was quite a challenge!

Likely, this was caused by a head knocking or squeezing to smithereens incident...
which joshua responded to with a "It's OK Jacob, It's OK."

Look at the camera Jacob, not mama!


Megan said...

your boys are adorable. love the squish but love phase.

Rachel said...

That second to last picture of Jacob's smile is darling! And the red sleeper in an earlier pic is vaguely familiar...hopefully Brian will be as sweet as Joshua is when he's a big brother.

Eliza said...

Rachel you are so beautiful!

Cute pictures, your family is growing and growing I can hardly believe it. Joshua is such a sweet big brother!