Monday, March 07, 2011

Joshua holding Jacob

I wrote this post in August. Not sure why it never got posted...

The idea to hold Jacob never occurred to Joshua for some reason. I was actually really glad about this since Joshua got sick right after Jacob was born and I was trying to keep Jacob healthy. I suggested that Joshua hold Jacob when he was a few (or so) weeks old and since then Joshua has been obsessed with holding Jacob. He asks me to hold him constantly which is really sweet, but the process of him holding him, without squeezing him to smithereens, isn't so sweet! I do love how proud Joshua looks every time he holds Jacob (he's about 8 weeks old here).

You can tell from the second photo that Jacob isn't such a fan of Joshua holding him. In this photo Joshua is putting his face up close to Jacob which is a hobby of his. It's almost like he is trying to kiss him, but instead of kissing him, he just presses his face to his.

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