Monday, May 09, 2011

Jacob and the World of Solid Food

I decided to do solid food a little different this time around. Instead of just doing purees, I also did a lot of baby led weaning. Admittedly, this was a little hard to do because I was worried about choking, allergies (I still avoided the top allergy foods) and the mess. But it went better than I thought it would--apart from the mess which was pretty intense. And at 9 months of age Jacob was eating almost the same stuff we were eating. No more spending half my meal feeding a baby baby food. Awesome. And he is a lot happier having more control over what he is eating too.

I really liked doing a combo of purees and baby led weaning. Although baby led weaning is advertised as taking less time compared to making purees, I didn't find this to be true. When I make purees I do one big shopping trip then spend one evening after the kids have gone to bed making the food and I have enough for a couple months. With the baby led weaning you usually have to steam something for every meal AND you have to actually have fresh produce to steam. I admit I am not the best at having a huge variety of fresh produce at my house at any given time.

Here are some pictures of his solid food eating adventure.

His first time trying solid foods at 6 months. He eventually did get the avocado in his mouth, though not much of it!

Banana, his second tried food. 6 months old here.

I thought it would be fun to give him a pickle. I didn't plan on having him eat much of it seeing as it isn't too healthy, but I really love seeing a baby react to strong tasting food. 6 months old.

Here he is a second after the first taste...

And about 2 seconds after the first taste. The funny thing is that  while he responded this way to every taste, he kept trying it over and over again.

Brocoli. Not my favorite food to start at 6 months. I think I'll wait until closer to 8 months next time as this is a really gaggy food at a young age.

Jacob's favorite foods so far are black or pinto beans and cheese. He REALLY likes cheese. Likes starts to yell and fling his body around like crazy when he sees it. 7 months old.
His first attempt with the spoon at 7 months. It mostly got all over his highchair and body, but he did manage to get a little in his mouth. This is not tried again very often for several reasons, my sanity being the top one.

He LOVES lasagna. 8 months old.

First time eating chicken. I let him at the drum stick for a bit then I took it away.  It was a little too nerve racking for me at this age! 8 months old.

Yummy ribs at Bamboo Hut. 8 months old.

We go to Terra Mia for lunch most saturdays and Jacob loves the Italian meat pizza. 9 months old.

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Rachel said...

It looks like Jacob is a really adventurous eater! Good on ya for introducing such great things. Shoot, I don't think I've ever given a pickle to Brian. I'll have to try that one soon. I love the picture of Jacob's reaction to the pickle and it's hilarious that he just kept trying it.