Thursday, May 05, 2011

Joshua - 3 years old!

I'm a little behind (with every thing it seems lately!) so here is Joshua's 3 year old post that should have been up a few months ago.

Let's start from the beginning...

1 hour old

1 day old
1 day old
1 week old
1 month old (the purple lips are from gentian violet ;)
1 year old
1 year old
2 years old
3 years old
3 years old
3 years, 3 months old
3 years, 3 months old
3 years, 3 months old
3 years, 3 months old
Joshua is such a fun and energetic boy to have. There is never a dull moment with him around! He has many favorites (now adays, it seems that anything he likes is a favorite) and loves to make us laugh. He has turned into a snuggly little guy half the time (compared to the previous 5% of the time) and an independent boy the rest of the time. He has grown up so much the last 6 months. It is amazing. Actually, it is amazing that he is the same little boy that we had 3 years old. Time sure flies.

Here are some of his favorite things...
  • color- red
  • toy- trains or cars
  • parent- dad (it really is!)
  • books- like 30 of them--and these mostly change every few weeks
  • things to do-- READING. He is obsessed with reading and has us reading to him 2-3 hours a day when he can. Pretend to read. Spelling simple words (from memory I think?). Playing with his favorite toys (see above), watching TV (no worries, it is very limited), throwing sand and putting it on the tramp (ugh. we have having the hardest time stopping this!), pushing his red car around, playing with jacob, sitting on his dad's lap or hanging out in his arms.
  • He likes to sit in his car seat in the car. He is easily content for a few hours of driving, even without a toy. He also falls asleep pretty easily in the car, which is a trait I think he got from me.
He also has some favorite words and phrases...
  • favorite
  • excuse me
  •  I am three years old. In one more year I will be four years old.
  • Sister Smith (his primary teacher)
  • uuhuuh or huuh
  • yep
  • also
  • actually 
  • yet
  • perfect
  • hard
  • yesterday
  • this guy, that guy, those guys
  • I'm too small, I'm a baby, I can't do it, I'm too tired (thankfully, these phrases only existed when he was sick and shortly after jacob was born)
  • see that (while he holds his hands palm up)
Some things he DOESN'T like...
  • Jacob screaming 
  • Ratatouille (James has tried to turn it on a few times and he start screaming inconsolably for some reason)
  • Putting on his own clothes

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