Saturday, May 07, 2011

Joshua's 3rd Birthday

We went to Kangaroo Zoo for Joshua's birthday party. I'm not sure who had more fun--the adults or the kids.

Joshua's cousins Kate and Alex
My dad holding Jacob
James going down a slide 
Suzette (my sister in law) and I. The adults had many races with each other.

Cousin Marcus

Next we went to McDonalds and got the kids a happy meal and played on the gym there. The kids had a blast. 

We filled up the entire McDonald's play area seating. Good thing only some of the family was there.
If you can't tell, this is a cookie monster cake. I even made the icing out of cheesecake. Yum!

Joshua's Grandpa and Grandma Bartlett gave him a dinosaur. He was too scared to take it out of the bag when he first got it.  It was pretty hilarious.


Megan said...

happy happy birthday! he is a cute little man!

Eliza said...

Oh how fun! Your dad looks great! I miss you guys!

Rachel said...

That cookie monster cake is darling. Great job Rachel!