Sunday, May 15, 2011

We buzzed it off

That's right. We buzzed Jacob's head. Multiple times actually. It was really hard for me to do because I LOVE baby hair and once it is cut, it is never the same. But he was really starting to look a little silly (some people say cute, but I think they likely are just trying to be nice). You see, not only does his hair pretty much only grow on top of his head, but it is thicker and darker.

There was no combing over in this picture. This really is how it was.

He has a strong cowlick to go along with it.

His hair continues to grow mainly just on top and we continue to buzz it time and time again. I can only imagine what it would look like by now if we didn't cut it (BTW, hair does not grow faster if you cut it). Seriously, I'm really curious. Would he have hair stringing down from the top of his head all the way down to his shoulders by now?


Rachel said...

Wow, Rachel! You've done a ton of catching up posts recently. (Or maybe I was just way behind in reading your blog.) I love seeing the pics of your extended family. The kids are getting so big! Jacob and Joshua are both such cute boys and they each have their own looks. I love the pics of you and Ruth together. :) If only we could all hang out together more. Miss you!

Plowmanators said...

He looks cute with it buzzed! Stylish little guy :)

Megan said...

that is so funny. it could have been some serious gollum hair! way to go on the buzzing. that can be a hard thing to finally bring yourself to do, but it's good to recognize that the stringy pathcy hair needs to go! hope it begins to grow in nicely!

Rachel Stella said...

haha megan, it was kind of gollum like. A good description!