Monday, June 20, 2011

And this is Joshua...

Joshua is a silly guy. And an opinionated one that has a certain way he likes to do things.

He sometimes sticks out like a sore thumb.

This is is favorite blanket which he likes to wrap around his waste like a skirt or put on his head to make us laugh.

Joshua still sleeps in the play pen on vacations. He actually thinks it is pretty fun. It's possible he might be outgrowing it.

He wasn't a huge fan of this shirt or cape until we told him they were super grover attire. Now he loves them. We'll get to superman in a couple years. For now he is "helping people solve their problems" which I certainly don't mind.

He loves to play with baby stuff--most often when Jacob is already playing with it :) He also LOVES babies or young children. If he ever sees a young child or baby he is hugging them (or squeezing them to death, depending on whether you are the baby or joshua at this time) and playing with them in a second.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moab Trip

I can't believe I forgot to write about our Moab/Arches trip in March. It was one of the highlights of our year so far! This is very pic heavy because Arches is so beautiful and my kids are pretty cute, especially when sleeping :)

We loved our carriers on this trip. Jacob napped on and off and both kids were content for hours on end while hiking. Plus, we were able to do hikes (most of the ones we did, actually) that we would have NEVER been able to do if Joshua was walking and Jacob was in our arms.

Balancing Rock

Sleeping jacob. I started to use the sleeping hood after this because my arm was getting so tired holding his head. Jacob normally doesn't like it, but he was so tired he decided it was ok.

Delicate Arch

Joshua and Daddy

Joshua often fell asleep in the car between hikes. He was missing naps and staying up late. He was one tired guy but was happy the whole time he was in the carrier while hiking.

We switched off carrying the backpack. It wasn't too bad carrying that and a child. It actually balanced you out better.

Our hotel had a pool which was so nice and warm. Yes, we stayed in a hotel. Camping with kids does not sound appealing at all!

Silly Joshua

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Photos

We recently tried to take some family photos (thanks again Sharon!). It was windy and the kids were not acting their best but isn't that always how family photos go?!

Our silly boy

This is what you get when you ask Joshua to smile :)

There goes Joshua's smile again. One of the kids was doing 'something' in every photo! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Awesome Photos by Sharon

Thanks to Sharon for spending a few minutes to take impromptu photos of our kids every now and again--especially of a resistant 3 year old. There are some great perks of having a sister photographer/designer!

My little cutie, Jacob (10 months). His eyes are even more captivating in person.

There are lots of recent photos of Joshua by Sharon on this post. All the good ones are hers. The not so good ones are mine :)

His hair may be a tad long in this photo, but I love it. James didn't love it so much so it got chopped a bit. It is interesting how some of his bangs grew faster than the rest. It all started out the same length since it was previously buzzed.
Our sweet boys.

Cousin Liam and Jacob. They're 4 months apart.

There was plenty of poking of the eyes, nose and mouth during this "photos shoot".

James and Liam

Liam really wanted that pretzel!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ice Skating

Some of my family went ice skating back in April at the 7 peaks arena. I only did a couple laps which was enough to remind me that I am terrible at ice skating. I was officially the worst one there. But I guess I have a good excuse since I've only been twice in the last 12 years.

Joshua is in James' arms here because he was too scared to stand on the ice. I can't blame him, it is pretty weird to wear ice skates on the ice. Too bad they didn't let the little kids just wear shoes. That would have been much more fun for them (and I really mean MUCH more fun since the two 3 year olds were in tears when they tried to stand on the ice with ice skates)

Notice Joshua's blurry face. This is why I always ask people to take several photos (all you do is touch the screen like five times, it isn't that hard!) when they are taking photos for me. But they never do and so I'm left with one photo that is usually pretty crummy.

There go some of my nieces and their moms.

My nephew liam is one cute guy.

Joshua and his daddy

They had these walker things that you could use to help you ice skate.  What a good invention! Where was this when I was a kid. We tried it with the antsy three year old boys, but it didn't make things any better. They still broke out into tears when we put them on the ice.

My brother James and I were the babysitters most of the time for the 5 youngest. Like I said, I'm pretty terrible at ice skating so it wasn't much of a sacrifice. It was fun to talk to my brother that I don't get to see very much since he and his family have decided to abandon utah and live in florida. It is possible I am a little bitter about this ;)

Don't I have some cute nieces?

My brother James and his nephew, Liam.