Monday, June 20, 2011

And this is Joshua...

Joshua is a silly guy. And an opinionated one that has a certain way he likes to do things.

He sometimes sticks out like a sore thumb.

This is is favorite blanket which he likes to wrap around his waste like a skirt or put on his head to make us laugh.

Joshua still sleeps in the play pen on vacations. He actually thinks it is pretty fun. It's possible he might be outgrowing it.

He wasn't a huge fan of this shirt or cape until we told him they were super grover attire. Now he loves them. We'll get to superman in a couple years. For now he is "helping people solve their problems" which I certainly don't mind.

He loves to play with baby stuff--most often when Jacob is already playing with it :) He also LOVES babies or young children. If he ever sees a young child or baby he is hugging them (or squeezing them to death, depending on whether you are the baby or joshua at this time) and playing with them in a second.

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Eliza said...

Joshua is so cute! I love the super Grover picture!