Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ice Skating

Some of my family went ice skating back in April at the 7 peaks arena. I only did a couple laps which was enough to remind me that I am terrible at ice skating. I was officially the worst one there. But I guess I have a good excuse since I've only been twice in the last 12 years.

Joshua is in James' arms here because he was too scared to stand on the ice. I can't blame him, it is pretty weird to wear ice skates on the ice. Too bad they didn't let the little kids just wear shoes. That would have been much more fun for them (and I really mean MUCH more fun since the two 3 year olds were in tears when they tried to stand on the ice with ice skates)

Notice Joshua's blurry face. This is why I always ask people to take several photos (all you do is touch the screen like five times, it isn't that hard!) when they are taking photos for me. But they never do and so I'm left with one photo that is usually pretty crummy.

There go some of my nieces and their moms.

My nephew liam is one cute guy.

Joshua and his daddy

They had these walker things that you could use to help you ice skate.  What a good invention! Where was this when I was a kid. We tried it with the antsy three year old boys, but it didn't make things any better. They still broke out into tears when we put them on the ice.

My brother James and I were the babysitters most of the time for the 5 youngest. Like I said, I'm pretty terrible at ice skating so it wasn't much of a sacrifice. It was fun to talk to my brother that I don't get to see very much since he and his family have decided to abandon utah and live in florida. It is possible I am a little bitter about this ;)

Don't I have some cute nieces?

My brother James and his nephew, Liam. 

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