Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Awesome Photos by Sharon

Thanks to Sharon for spending a few minutes to take impromptu photos of our kids every now and again--especially of a resistant 3 year old. There are some great perks of having a sister photographer/designer!

My little cutie, Jacob (10 months). His eyes are even more captivating in person.

There are lots of recent photos of Joshua by Sharon on this post. All the good ones are hers. The not so good ones are mine :)

His hair may be a tad long in this photo, but I love it. James didn't love it so much so it got chopped a bit. It is interesting how some of his bangs grew faster than the rest. It all started out the same length since it was previously buzzed.
Our sweet boys.

Cousin Liam and Jacob. They're 4 months apart.

There was plenty of poking of the eyes, nose and mouth during this "photos shoot".

James and Liam

Liam really wanted that pretzel!

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