Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby Food, Again

green beans
I made my own baby food again this time around.  I got a little annoyed at having to again look up how to make stuff and when to give it so I made--yet another-- blog with very to the point information about homemade baby food. Hopefully I can refer here in the future and it will make baby food making even quicker and easier. If you are interested it can be found here. Also, here is a previous post on how to make homemade baby food. It really isn't that hard, I promise.

With Jacob we have also done baby-led weaning which I have loved doing. By 9 months he could eat 99% of what we were eating--all by himself! Now at 13 months he is starting to learn to use a spoon and fork. I'm pretty sure Joshua was still very much on purees at this age.

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