Friday, August 12, 2011

Playing with Pudding

I'm not very crafty and I'm not very creative, but I try my best to have some art activities with the kids. Maybe if I work really hard at it they won't be as bad as I am at art! Here they are playing with some chocolate pudding. We made designs and shapes and letters in it. And the boys of course made a huge mess, especially Joshua. Funny, as I'd expect the baby to be the messier of the two.

Jacob was more interested in what Joshua was doing than playing with his own pudding.

I used pudding instead of paint so it would be safer for Jacob. But then all Joshua wanted to do was eat it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jacob at 14 months

Jacob is such a fun and happy boy, especially right now. He is so easy to laugh and smile. And boy is he social. He waves and smiles and says hi to everyone he meets. People love it. Just the other day James was in home depot with the two boys and jacob was waving at everyone and saying hi while joshua pretended to drive the cart. It was adorable and the customers couldn't help but smile and wave back.

While he is pretty easy going (as long as I am holding him when he wants to be held;), he certainly knows what he wants and likes. And he lets you know.

He is starting to sign more which is so much fun. Right now he signs milk, water, all done, more, please, help, cat and up. He says "hi" but doesn't seem to consistently say any other words. Or at least I can't understand any.

He learned to crawl a week before he turned one. Now he spends half his time doing that and the other half bum scooting. No walking yet, but he finally seems interested in it and wants to hold our hands and walk around.

His current favorites:
  • food- black beans (weird, but true), cheese and oranges
  • water in any and all forms
  • sand
  • outdoors
  • going up and down the stairs
  • books

He had his first taste of goat's milk a little over a month ago. He isn't a huge fan of it. I need to offer it more often since I won't be nursing him forever but I forget or *cough* get lazy *cough*.
He loves the outdoors.

He loves playing with cars. And eating them too, of course.

This is how many of his pictures turn out. He is a mover.

Cute baby feet and hands

He loves bathtime

Jacob somehow got stuck under the coffee table.

Jacob got stuck inside this bag. 

My messy eater.

Jacob is my big cuddler. It is awesome.

Jacob is a mamas boy. He is obsessed with me. It's nice, but not so nice sometimes.

For some reason he thinks it is funny to turn his head sideways. He often does this and giggles.

We loves to play with water and toys in our backyard.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Aussie BBQ

My family went to an Aussie BBQ this summer thrown by our friends Annette and Michael. They did a great job with all the fun decorations. We had lots of fun eating Australian food and talking with some local Aussies. Annette actually lived at my house in Australia for a while and used to change my nappies when I was a baby ;)

Now for some fun photos...
Pavlova. It was gone in about 30 seconds.

Mmmm, sausage rolls.

My dad's massive hands holding an Aussie burger. We were suppose to have aussie sausages but it didn't work out.

Tasmania and Australia shaped ice cubes.


haha, again. CLICK TO READ. It is too funny.

Fairy Bread

Annette, my dad and sisters

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Good bye tonsils, hello sleep

Joshua has always been a loud snorer. As in you can hear him across the house when he sleeps. Recently he also started to have retractions along with some sleep apnea (always scary to see with your sleeping child!) and it was decided that his tonsils were to blame. So out came his tonsils. We had the surgery at Primary Children's Hospital in the end of May. We couldn't have chosen a better place. He had the time of his life (before the surgery) playing with toys and exploring new places.

They had him change into scrubs and did an exam on him. Doesn't he look cute in scrubs?!
They told me that Joshau's verbal skills were very advanced for his age.  It's good to hear that the hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours of reading we've done with him has done something!

While we waited for the surgery he played with toys and a child life specialist let joshua choose a doll to color. She also showed him how the mask worked that he would be wearing and let him try one out on the doll.

Not surprisingly, Joshua's favorite part was riding in the cars there. They even let him ride one into the OR.

Joshua wasn't the happiest child right after surgery. He cried for like an hour.  I wouldn't have expected less from him though (you know what i'm talking about if you know the little guy!). He especially didn't like the IV and O2 sat on his feet.

But he fell asleep in my arms which he hasn't done in years so the crying was worth it--especially since James was the one listing to it most of the time. They wouldn't let us both in right after the surgery for some reason.

Here he is pointing out his IV spot on the drive home.

We had a pretty hard time getting joshua to eat or drink any thing for several days after the surgery. It was a bit stressful but thanks to those liquid yogurt drinks he survived. His breathing is way better now. I have to actually go right up to him when I check on him at night to hear it. A couple doctors told us that behavior often improves when tonsils are removed. This has not been the case. I had hoped it might be. But alas, no. I'm not that lucky ;)