Sunday, August 07, 2011

Aussie BBQ

My family went to an Aussie BBQ this summer thrown by our friends Annette and Michael. They did a great job with all the fun decorations. We had lots of fun eating Australian food and talking with some local Aussies. Annette actually lived at my house in Australia for a while and used to change my nappies when I was a baby ;)

Now for some fun photos...
Pavlova. It was gone in about 30 seconds.

Mmmm, sausage rolls.

My dad's massive hands holding an Aussie burger. We were suppose to have aussie sausages but it didn't work out.

Tasmania and Australia shaped ice cubes.


haha, again. CLICK TO READ. It is too funny.

Fairy Bread

Annette, my dad and sisters


Eliza said...

I miss you guys! That looks like so much fun!

Rachel said...

Someday will you make Pavlova for me? My brother Steve made it for us once after his mission to Australia and I loved it!

Rachel Stella said...

Sure Rach. I can make it for you.