Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jacob at 14 months

Jacob is such a fun and happy boy, especially right now. He is so easy to laugh and smile. And boy is he social. He waves and smiles and says hi to everyone he meets. People love it. Just the other day James was in home depot with the two boys and jacob was waving at everyone and saying hi while joshua pretended to drive the cart. It was adorable and the customers couldn't help but smile and wave back.

While he is pretty easy going (as long as I am holding him when he wants to be held;), he certainly knows what he wants and likes. And he lets you know.

He is starting to sign more which is so much fun. Right now he signs milk, water, all done, more, please, help, cat and up. He says "hi" but doesn't seem to consistently say any other words. Or at least I can't understand any.

He learned to crawl a week before he turned one. Now he spends half his time doing that and the other half bum scooting. No walking yet, but he finally seems interested in it and wants to hold our hands and walk around.

His current favorites:
  • food- black beans (weird, but true), cheese and oranges
  • water in any and all forms
  • sand
  • outdoors
  • going up and down the stairs
  • books

He had his first taste of goat's milk a little over a month ago. He isn't a huge fan of it. I need to offer it more often since I won't be nursing him forever but I forget or *cough* get lazy *cough*.
He loves the outdoors.

He loves playing with cars. And eating them too, of course.

This is how many of his pictures turn out. He is a mover.

Cute baby feet and hands

He loves bathtime

Jacob somehow got stuck under the coffee table.

Jacob got stuck inside this bag. 

My messy eater.

Jacob is my big cuddler. It is awesome.

Jacob is a mamas boy. He is obsessed with me. It's nice, but not so nice sometimes.

For some reason he thinks it is funny to turn his head sideways. He often does this and giggles.

We loves to play with water and toys in our backyard.

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Rachel said...

Such a cute little boy! That pic with Jacob stuck under the coffee table is hilarious. Brian loves his cozy coupe car too!