Friday, October 28, 2011

Miami Trip

Jacob and I went out to Miami for several days to visit James' sister and kids. It was lots of fun to spend time with family and to see Florida for the first time. It is so beautiful there. If it wasn't so hot I might actually consider living there.

View from the master bedroom.
Jacob and I mowed small backyard lawn together and this is how he looked when we were done. Like I said, it's hot there.
Jacob couldn't get enough of the dogs. The dog's couldn't get away from him fast enough.
We went on a few walks at the beach.

My cutie pie making one of his faces. 
Cute kids all ready for karate class.
Jacob loved the beach of course.
We were lucky and caught a submarine in the water. There is a navy base nearby.
Do you see the alligator? I would have gotten a better picture but it started to swim toward me so I figured I had better get out of there. This is right behind her house.
Notice the lizards crawling on the chair. They were all over the place.
Another unique thing to Florida is all the mold. You have to clean it off your sidewalk, driveway and even roof. Here's some sidewalk I used a pressure washer on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joshua and James' Week Together

I went out of town for several days with Jacob so Joshua and James got to spend lots of time together. James planned fun activities every day for them to do. They went to a couple movies, went to grandparents houses...
went to temple square

went to hogle zoo (a couple different times)
saw his favorite animal at the zoo
explored BYU 
had a donut at byu
Went to the Utah State Fair

splashed in the water at Riverwoods
Joshua is one lucky boy to have a fun dad like James!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mmmmm, Cake

I made a seriously delicious cake for my family's birthday get together last month. The cake recipe, a well known hershey's one, went perfectly with some frosting of mine. Here's the cake recipe and here's the frosting/layer recipe if you're interested.

It won't disappoint!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bird Feeder

I thought it would be fun for Joshua to make a bird feeder. All you need is a pinecone, peanut butter, bird seed and a piece of string. He had a lot of fun making it although he kept getting side tracked like usual-- making designs with the peanut butter, eating the peanut and playing imaginative games with the pinecone and seeds-- so it took us forever to finish up the task. We hung it up in one of our trees and have had fun watching the birds eat it. We're going to try to do this each year.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fireworks with the kids

James and I bought a few fireworks to do with the kids on the fourth. It went pretty well. Joshua only ran away in fear once. And all it took to calm down a frightened Jacob was an encouraging smile from his mommy. I even dressed me and the kids up in patriotic colors. It was strangely fun to do so.

James and Joshua throwing snappers. Jacob trying to taste test snappers.

Jacob took this photo by himself.

James and I were really excited to try out sparklers with Joshua. We got him really hyped up about it. Then none of them worked. This one died out after about 6 seconds. Lame. He still had fun though.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grandpa Bartlett's Birthday Campout

My dad loves camping. Because of this we decided to go camping each year for his birthday. I used to love camping too. Then I had little kids. It was still fun being together with my family although not quite as simple as it used to be child-free.

Jacob only knew how to crawl so that was a bit of a challenge. He didn't seem to mind crawling over all the rocks although his legs were pretty bruised up after a few days of it. Joshua loved every minute of it. Places to go. Things to see. What more could a three year old want? I loved that he was finally old enough to do things without being watched like a hawk every second.

We hiked, played games etc. 
The three older kids had fun exploring together.
We set up two big blankets with toys for the babies. They didn't play here tons but it was worth a shot.
Jacob had a hard time sleeping there and ended up being pretty cranky. It was too hot in the day and too light in the morning to sleep. He woke up for good at 4:30 one morning. That was a long day.
Liam and his Aunt Suzette
The campsite

Grandpa and Jacob
Grandpa and two of his grandsons.
Jacob giving his cousin Liam a kiss.
Liam's {the ground is rocky and hard} crawl
The kids had a lot of fun exploring in the long grass...
...unfortunately there was stinging nettle in the grass.

 It was beautiful there.

Rasmussen Family Reunion in Aptos, CA

This year for the Rasmussen (James mom's side) family reunion we went to Aptos, CA and stayed in a beach house right across the street from the beach. There were around 40 of us in two houses. Luckily I ended up in the house with just 11 people ;)

We decided to drive to Aptos. It seemed easier than flying with two little kids. We split the 14 hour drive into two days on the way there, stopping at Circus Circus (which the kids loved) for the night. We drove straight through on our way back. It was a lot of driving, but was surprisingly not that bad or a drive considering we had a 1 and 3 year old in the car.

There was a lot of flooding in Utah from the recent rain. It was a strange sight to see!

We stopped at the Salt Flats for a few minutes on our way to california. Joshua could have stayed there and played all day.

The kids loved the beach, especially Jacob. Joshua was so overtired from missing naps and going to bed late that he missed 2 beach days. One of them he fell asleep on the 2 minute car ride over to the beach and couldn't be woken up. The next one he fell asleep in the car as we were driving home to get our stuff for the beach and we couldn't get him to wake up. Once he is out, he is out.

James and I took a surfing class. It was pretty awesome. We have both always wanted to surf.

We did a couple hikes in the redwood forest. It was a highlight of the trip for us. We love hiking with the kids. And we've always wanted to go to the redwood forest.
banana slug

There was monstrous tree with a whole in the base of it that 20 of us crawled into. We were able to stand up in it and even with 20 of us in it, there was room so spare! (this isn't the tree, but it reminded me of it)

Joshua, of course, got nice and dirty!
Monterrey Aquarium

The aquarium had a few great areas for kids to play.

This penguin thought Joshua's play shark was food and it kept diving into the glass at him. It was hilarious. Don't worry, the penguin didn't get hurt.

We shared a house with some of Joshua's cousins and he loved being able to play with them all the time.

We also went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk where Joshua got to ride on a bunch of fun rides.

This ride Joshua almost died on. I'm serious. He almost fell out of it while it was spinning FAST. I was freaking out. We realized after the fact that he was too little for it. It would have been nice if the person in charge of the ride had mentioned that before he got on it.

Joshua held this gummy worm up in the air for like 2 hours on the way home.  I have no idea why. He is one silly kid.  P.S. Thank you iPads.