Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fireworks with the kids

James and I bought a few fireworks to do with the kids on the fourth. It went pretty well. Joshua only ran away in fear once. And all it took to calm down a frightened Jacob was an encouraging smile from his mommy. I even dressed me and the kids up in patriotic colors. It was strangely fun to do so.

James and Joshua throwing snappers. Jacob trying to taste test snappers.

Jacob took this photo by himself.

James and I were really excited to try out sparklers with Joshua. We got him really hyped up about it. Then none of them worked. This one died out after about 6 seconds. Lame. He still had fun though.


Karen K said...

Jacob is awesome at self-photography- aren't you glad you left your phone unattended at least that once? Looks like you had some fun this summer! That stinging nettle picture is pretty icky, though, I had no idea what stinging nettle actually was, but it looks not fun. I also love the part about holding a gummi worm in the air- how random!

Ruth Rodrigues said...

Joshua is so big. I see a bit of Joseph in him.