Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grandpa Bartlett's Birthday Campout

My dad loves camping. Because of this we decided to go camping each year for his birthday. I used to love camping too. Then I had little kids. It was still fun being together with my family although not quite as simple as it used to be child-free.

Jacob only knew how to crawl so that was a bit of a challenge. He didn't seem to mind crawling over all the rocks although his legs were pretty bruised up after a few days of it. Joshua loved every minute of it. Places to go. Things to see. What more could a three year old want? I loved that he was finally old enough to do things without being watched like a hawk every second.

We hiked, played games etc. 
The three older kids had fun exploring together.
We set up two big blankets with toys for the babies. They didn't play here tons but it was worth a shot.
Jacob had a hard time sleeping there and ended up being pretty cranky. It was too hot in the day and too light in the morning to sleep. He woke up for good at 4:30 one morning. That was a long day.
Liam and his Aunt Suzette
The campsite

Grandpa and Jacob
Grandpa and two of his grandsons.
Jacob giving his cousin Liam a kiss.
Liam's {the ground is rocky and hard} crawl
The kids had a lot of fun exploring in the long grass...
...unfortunately there was stinging nettle in the grass.

 It was beautiful there.

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