Monday, October 10, 2011

Jacob at 16 months

Jacob has hit some big milestones since I last wrote about him. He learned to walk just before he turned 15 months old. Now he is running all over the place. I weaned him a couple weeks ago which went pretty smoothly as long as james put him to bed at night. He now goes to bed fine with me and happily drinks milk from a sippy.

His favorite things are: being held, eating, pushing a stroller around, playing outside, dogs, singing, walking and being pushed around in his red car.

He knows a few dozen signs and learns them very quickly. Often all I have to do is show him a sign 1-2 times and he knows it. He loves to communicate with his signs. It is really cute. If he can't get his point across he'll start doing every sign he can think of. It's a pretty funny sight.

He has started to say a couple more words.  He now says "hi", "jesus"(his second word ;), "thank you", "jacob", "joshua" and sometimes "dada"and "mama".

He loves to copy everything, especially his brother. He is already a little shadow following joshua much of the time.

He loves to climb onto chairs and sit down. He gets a look of pride on his face when he does this.

He has had quite an attitude lately. He is defiantly hitting the negativism and defiant stage! He is still sweet and easy going--as long as he doesn't have any current demands unmet!

He is obedient most of the time. This is a bit of a shock for me since my first child is Joshua. Joshua was far from obedient at this age. He was/is an extreme tester of limits--over and over and over again. You know what I mean if you know Joshua:)  Jacob doesn't always like to obey but he usually does, even if he has a tantrum in the process.

Weight: 24.3 lbs- he actually lost a little weight (45%tile)
Length: 32.8 in (89%tile)
Head Circumference: 19.3 in (91%tile)

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He looks so old!!