Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joshua and James' Week Together

I went out of town for several days with Jacob so Joshua and James got to spend lots of time together. James planned fun activities every day for them to do. They went to a couple movies, went to grandparents houses...
went to temple square

went to hogle zoo (a couple different times)
saw his favorite animal at the zoo
explored BYU 
had a donut at byu
Went to the Utah State Fair

splashed in the water at Riverwoods
Joshua is one lucky boy to have a fun dad like James!


Sharon said...

wow, I can't believe he did so many activities with him!

James Rowell said...

We also went to Mark's birthday party, our neighborhood block party, and a bike ride! :)

Rachel Stella said...

You did an impressive amount of stuff that week. Maybe that is why he didn't seem to notice I was gone!

Ruth Rodrigues said...

Wow, what a fun daddy/son week!