Friday, October 28, 2011

Miami Trip

Jacob and I went out to Miami for several days to visit James' sister and kids. It was lots of fun to spend time with family and to see Florida for the first time. It is so beautiful there. If it wasn't so hot I might actually consider living there.

View from the master bedroom.
Jacob and I mowed small backyard lawn together and this is how he looked when we were done. Like I said, it's hot there.
Jacob couldn't get enough of the dogs. The dog's couldn't get away from him fast enough.
We went on a few walks at the beach.

My cutie pie making one of his faces. 
Cute kids all ready for karate class.
Jacob loved the beach of course.
We were lucky and caught a submarine in the water. There is a navy base nearby.
Do you see the alligator? I would have gotten a better picture but it started to swim toward me so I figured I had better get out of there. This is right behind her house.
Notice the lizards crawling on the chair. They were all over the place.
Another unique thing to Florida is all the mold. You have to clean it off your sidewalk, driveway and even roof. Here's some sidewalk I used a pressure washer on.

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