Monday, November 14, 2011

Belize - Zipline

No, we are not the ones in the photo above. We were suppose to do cave tubing in belize but the water was too high and dangerous. I'm kind of sad about that (yes, I'm aware that I should just be grateful, blah blah blah) but that is what you get for going there during the rainy season. Why would be go in the rainy seasons? Rainy seasons = discount cruise and available babysitter = much happiness.

We ended up doing zip lining and ATVing instead. Zip lining was more fun than I thought it would be. Honestly, I thought it would be a bit boring (obviously I'm not afraid of heights or that would be the last thing on my mind). It wasn't boring at all and we even got some exercise out of it since you climb up a lot of steps to get to the zip line platforms. A little exercise was nice after days of an all you can eat buffet--24 hours a day. Have I ever mentioned I have a problem saying no to food that is sitting in front of me asking me to eat it?
This is one of the first smaller and lower ones. We got really high up eventually. I ended up being the first to go down most times. Some people were a bit hesitant. I figured that if people kept dying here they probably wouldn't still be open--even in Belize. 
One of the platforms we zip lined from. Side note: did you know that most Belizians speak a few languages? The guy helping us with the zip line spoke four. I was feeling super smart with my english and bad spanish.

We are pretty high up on this one. Could barely see the ground. There were some massive trees there.

James flying through the trees

ATVing was more like boating in a couple feet of water. It was slow going because people kept getting stuck. I didn't mind. The jungle was nice to look at.

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