Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall time 2011

Some photos from November of last year (I'm just trying to focus on the fact that I'm finally catching up, not that I'm so far behind!)

Our backyard after a few days of leaf fall from our neighbors trees. INSANE! 

Some fun at the LDS family history center.

One of Jacob's favorite past times is begging to go into daddy's office while he is working.

Joshua at the ward's pine wood derby. He is pretty excited for when he gets to do this himself!

The view from our house one evening. Talk about amazing.

Cute little Jacob at the playground

Did any of you play in big pine trees when you were kids? I did with my brothers and sisters and now my kids are loving it too!

The ever so popular Lion photo at the Hogle Zoo. Too bad it is near impossible to have them both looking at the same time and both unblurry at the same time!

Jacob's first time in nursery. He did really well (it's a miracle he is actually staying in his seat for this photo). There have been a few random days where he needed us to stay with him for a few minutes but generally he can't wait to go play.

And of course there was thanksgiving. We had it at our house and there were plenty of sick tummy's after!

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