Friday, November 18, 2011

Grand Caymen - Stingray City

We did a tour with moby dick tours in Grand Cayman that took us snorkeling at a reef and then to stingray city. I have been to stingray city one other time and loved it. Last time I went I felt nervous and barely touched the stingrays. This time I got a lot more adventurous which made James, after watching me for several minutes, get adventurous too. A tiny part of me still felt nervous about their barbs on their tails--especially when they started wipping them around--so I started off by touching the stingray they affectionately call frisbee. He was tail free.

By the time it was time to go I was so sad to say goodbye to my new pets. They really do act like pets. They are so used to people. They enjoy them (and the food they bring) so much that they come up to any boat that goes into the stingray city area (which is really just an area in the ocean with shallow sandbars).

This is the only underwater photo of fish/reef that was taken. James had the camera that day. If I had known this is how he was going to take photos I would have taken the camera! Maybe he was too distracted with the fish that chased him all over the place and kept swimming up to his face mask. I'm not joking there. It freaked him out a bit. 
Me. I had the hardest time getting a snarling mask to fit. I ended up having to use a child's mask. Apparently my face is the width of a child's.
The stingrays came right up to our boat when we got there.

Give me five!
There is a technique to holding them. It took me a while to get it. After that, I could pick up and hold any stingray that came near me. In fact, if you hold your arms the right way they practically swim into them. I was about the only person there (besides the tour crew) that was able to get a stingray into my arms and keep it there. I'm a natural stingray tamer I guess :)

They say that if you kiss a stingray you get 7 years good luck. That gives me a good excuse to go to Cayman again in 7 years. I swear the stingrays were trying to give a kiss too. They would come out of the water at you if you puckered your lips.
A big storm brewed while we were there. Luckily we were able to finish up our trip and get on the boat before the worst of it started.
This photo is for Joshua. I am suppose to be saying "arrrg" and acting like a pirate. Unfortunately it looks like I'm puckering my lips. Oh well, I tried.


Sharon said...

Those are awesome pictures! You are much braver than me. Ocean creatures scare me.

Rachel Stella said...

last time I went I was horrified and barely touched them. For some reason I wasn't scared this time. Maybe I missed my kids so much and these were a substitute of some sort :)