Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Roatan Honduras

The third stop on the cruise was in Roatan Honduras. We decided to have a nice, relaxed day of reading and snorkeling. James had never been snorkling before so this was especially fun for him. The water was a little murky and the sand was dark in color (compared to places like cayman and cozumel) so the underwater pictures didn't turn out too great. We took the photos with our iPhone inside an aquapac. Actually, whenever we left the ship we put our phone in the aquapac so all photos from these posts are taken from inside it. It worked great, especially when it started to rain unexpectedly.
There is a monstrous drop off once you go a little bit out in the water which is why the cruise ship is able to park (do you say park with cruise ships?) so close to the island.

See, water is a bit murky.  I actually took this photo to catch a cool long and skinny fish. Unfortunately, you can barely see the fish. I have super duper photography skills, don't I?
The beach we hung out on. Came equipped with beach chairs and a live band.  It did end up being a really nice and relaxing day. I could have stayed there for a week or so if the water didn't have icky seaweed on the bottom of it that grossed me out on contact.


Tim T said...

Glad you like the Aquapac, Rachel. Check out!

Ewan A said...

HEy, just to let you know that when talking about ships, or boats in general, when you "park" a boat alongside a pair, it is called mooring :)

also, great pics! :)