Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Fun 2011

We mad ginger bread houses again. We got smarter this time and had the kids at least take off their shirts before the huge mess began!

Christmas party with Fowler Family. After trying to keep the kids interested in the 6 or so events of the night, we ended up taking them off to the side to read (below) and play with toys.

Jacob and a favorite (and noisy) new christmas present on Christmas morning

Joshua really likes Cars. You can see how excited he is to be getting this present!

Jacob is pretty into this gift (this is at the Grandpa/ma bartlett's house)

Joshua and Emma reading a new book

Bowling with the Rasmussen family on Joshua's birthday

James and Rachel Skiing/snowboarding at Brighton

We took a couple trips to the BYU track this winter to get active and out of the cold.

Jacob's favorite lookout point.

We went to a Christmas pageant and Joshua was so fascinated with this angel. He kept staring and staring (likely wondering how he got up so high)

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