Friday, November 16, 2012

Five years ago our Joshua was handed to us in this Christmas stocking. Today as we were putting up Christmas decorations we found it and took a picture of him in the same stocking! Pictures like this make us reminisce about being parents. Joshua has blessed us in more ways than we could have imagined.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Some Family Photos

When the teacher gets taught

We've been working on doing more service lately with the kids. 

Today 4 year old Joshua woke me up and showed me his pillowcase full of toys (with, not surprisingly, a crying Jacob behind him because his favorite Elmo was in the pillowcase :) He said the toys were Christmas presents for other children. He asked who we could give them to and then told me to call Santa and tell him that he didn't need to go to their house to drop off presents anymore because we were going to do it. Then he walked out of the room and started collecting even more toys. 

Stuff like this makes parenting all worth it. He is such a sweet boy. Mischievous at times, but what a sweet heart he has!

Here are three photos he had me take of him while he posed.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Caribbean Cruise

A couple weeks ago James and I took some time off without the kids and went on a week long cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. Our friends, Jamie and Stuart came along which made things especially fun.

We got into florida a day early and went to the The Animal Kingdom, The Epcot Center and Disney Land.

This is suppose to be a look of amazement at seeing the magic kingdom for the first time ;)

We took a Royal Caribbean Cruise and they had a lot of fun stuff to do on the boat.

Stuart and I reading. A favorite past time.
We laughed so hard during one of the shows that timid Jamie accidentally broke a cup.

We learned to play shuffle board. Stuart in his fencing pose to shuffle.
We had a good time doing boogie boarding (and wiping out) on the wave rider and James was even able to surf a little too. I didn't do too well with surfing ;)

On the cruise we stopped by St. Thomas, St. Maartin, Coco Cay and a took a side trip to Tortola to swim with the dolphins.
Jamie and Stuart

Swimming with the dolphins in Tortola

We did some kayaking around the island of Coco Cay

A huge star fish I found in the ocean.  We also found sting rays and conchs.

Coco Cay

St Thomas

The homes of some very famous (and wealthy) people like Michael Jordan.
We also did some snorkeling and learned to do snuba in St. Maarten. Snuba is a hybrid between snorkeling and scuba that doesn't require certification.

Island Time

St Maarten

James jumping into the water to scuba

Thursday, July 05, 2012


Joshua handed this to me and said ? I putt a "S" on "happy" because I want everyone in the entire world to be happy.

What 4 year old says that?! I've got such a sweet little guy.

If you're trying to find the word happy, it is at the bottom. It is a little difficult to find because he tried to write Joshua backwards right next to it. Oh, and the spelling isn't quite right ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Joshua and Dad - by Joshua

Joshua handed this to me and said "I want to be with dad all the time, so I wrote 'Joshua and Dad'"

How sweet is that?

Monday, April 30, 2012

My adventure with a coconut

The other day while I was shopping I saw a sign that said coconut so I quickly grabbed one and finished up my shopping. When I got home I look at the the coconut and was a bit confused (why I didn't really notice the strangeness before, I don't know). It looked like the one in the bottom right of this picture.

See, weird right? I decided to try to get it open. After hacking for some time with the biggest knife I could find, I decided to check out youtube. It told me how to open this little sucker (and notified me that it was a YOUNG coconut) and after some chopping I was left with this weird coconut sack. I know that sounds gross, but that's really what it looked and felt like.

I made a little whole in the coconut (which is super thin and soft and tastes a bit different than the coconut I am used to eating) and a couple cups of juice came out of it. Crazy.  I tried a little juice and then gave the rest of it to my kids since it freaked me out a bit. The second they heard juice, my juice-deprived children pounced on it.

So now you know what a young coconut is if you didn't already. And you know that you can sneak stuff into my cart while I am shopping and I will probably not even notice.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

San Diego Trip April 2012

Our hotel balcony (which one of the kids almost fell off of within 30 seconds of getting into the hotel room!)

As we were watching, the polar bear crawled out onto this limb and fell right asleep!

Shamu time!

This was a difficult photo to get bc both the kids were horrified of big bird and elmo

Touching starfish. Both the kids were a little hesitant (followed by being a little too rough with the starfish)

The boys spent half the day balancing on the curb

I think I was more excited to do this than them because I remember how much fun it was to do when I was little.

One of their favorite parts of the trip

That is one chubby dude!

Petting a kangaroo (how cool is that?!)

The boys got soaked in the water and we took off their shirts to keep them warm

I caught him in the act of falling

Jacob and Mom