Monday, April 30, 2012

My adventure with a coconut

The other day while I was shopping I saw a sign that said coconut so I quickly grabbed one and finished up my shopping. When I got home I look at the the coconut and was a bit confused (why I didn't really notice the strangeness before, I don't know). It looked like the one in the bottom right of this picture.

See, weird right? I decided to try to get it open. After hacking for some time with the biggest knife I could find, I decided to check out youtube. It told me how to open this little sucker (and notified me that it was a YOUNG coconut) and after some chopping I was left with this weird coconut sack. I know that sounds gross, but that's really what it looked and felt like.

I made a little whole in the coconut (which is super thin and soft and tastes a bit different than the coconut I am used to eating) and a couple cups of juice came out of it. Crazy.  I tried a little juice and then gave the rest of it to my kids since it freaked me out a bit. The second they heard juice, my juice-deprived children pounced on it.

So now you know what a young coconut is if you didn't already. And you know that you can sneak stuff into my cart while I am shopping and I will probably not even notice.

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