Thursday, April 26, 2012

San Diego Trip April 2012

Our hotel balcony (which one of the kids almost fell off of within 30 seconds of getting into the hotel room!)

As we were watching, the polar bear crawled out onto this limb and fell right asleep!

Shamu time!

This was a difficult photo to get bc both the kids were horrified of big bird and elmo

Touching starfish. Both the kids were a little hesitant (followed by being a little too rough with the starfish)

The boys spent half the day balancing on the curb

I think I was more excited to do this than them because I remember how much fun it was to do when I was little.

One of their favorite parts of the trip

That is one chubby dude!

Petting a kangaroo (how cool is that?!)

The boys got soaked in the water and we took off their shirts to keep them warm

I caught him in the act of falling

Jacob and Mom

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